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CTI’s mission, vision, and values focus on the individual as a unique person and ensures
that our quality of services is based on empowering the individuals on being at their
individual best. We at CTI-DRS clearly understand the importance of putting “our
individuals first” in helping them reach their full potential in life.


We at CTI – Developmental Rehabilitative Services (CTI-DRS) would like to see all the
individuals served by this Agency unlock their potential by maximizing their abilities but at
the same time exploring new potentials.
It is our belief that “an individual comes first, no matter the circumstances”. It is because of
this value that our company will ensure that a individual needs are being put first by
listening to them, get to know them, and maximizing on their strengths.


This organization’s vision is to see our individual s integrate into the community
and fully participate in different aspects of the community without any discrimination.
People with disability have a role to play in life just like any other human being, given the
right assistance and support; they unlock their fullest potential. This organization believes
in building self- esteem for this population, having support systems in place to help them
build relationships within and outside their circle.

We have just recently been re-approved by the State to serve people with developmental
disabilities through DDRS and BDDS for the next three year. We work hand in hand with
the caregivers, families and individuals to ensure that their needs are met in a timely and
satisfactory manner according to their individualized centered plan.

While there are so many agencies in the area that are serving this group of people; our goal
is to make a difference in this line of business. Our agency will be solely individual
oriented. We would like for the individuals to feel that they are in control of their lives by
helping them make choices that will improve their quality of life.

We as an agency believe that we are the advocates for the individuals and any opportunity
not explored for them, is an opportunity they will never have in life. This agency believes
that disability is not a justification for inability in life. We would like to see these
individuals live their lives to their fullest potential and explore the community and world


Children’s Therapy Innovation Developmental Rehabilitative Services, Inc. is
commended and congratulated for achieving accreditation with CQL’s Quality Assurances
Accreditation methodology and for its ongoing commitment and efforts to exemplify how a
singular focus on the lives of people supported leads to making meaningful discoveries about
What Really Matters.

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