Adult Day Program

A place to be loved · A place to be heard · A place to belong

A Community of Care

CTI’s day program is a community-based group that is designed to meet the complex needs of adults with impairments. These structured, comprehensive, non-residential programs provide:

  • Health
  • Social activities
  • Recreational activities
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Supervision
  • Support services
  • Personal care

A Welcoming Environment

Our day program is a friendly environment located in our main office where individuals can develop social skills and adapt to structure, all while attempting to meet the objectives outlined in their individualized support plans. We believe everyone should get the care and encouragement they need, no matter their age. Therefore, we have worked diligently to foster an environment where adults can thrive and feel at ease while working to live with their impairments.

Professional Staff

Our highly qualified and caring staff are respectful and supportive. Trained in proper care for adults with impairments, our team has developed a culture of acceptance and understanding where the individual’s needs are focused on and prioritized. With the Adult Day Services program, we are offering individuals an opportunity to unlock their full potential while ensuring their safety.

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