Who We Are

At CTI – Developmental Rehabilitative Services (CTI-DRS), we believe that every individual is a unique person and should be equipped and empowered to achieve their individual best. We help individuals who suffer from a disability to maximize their skills while simultaneously introducing them to new opportunities. In this, we help them maximize their potential and find their place in their community.
Our primary goal is to see every individual we serve integrated into their community without having to endure discrimination. Those who suffer from a disability are equally important to this world and have a role to play just like everyone else. At CTI-DRS, we help them discover that role as well as build self-esteem for them as they build relationships outside of their immediate circle.
Our approach is simple. We believe that the individual should always be put first, no matter the circumstances. To accomplish this, we actively listen to them, get to know them, and find ways to utilize their strengths.
What sets CTI-DRS apart from other organizations is our “individual-first” mentality. Rather than simply adopting people into our programs, we truly work with each person to find out how we can help them in a way that still puts them in control of their own lives.

Our Team

Lydia Bradford Otiato, MOT Cofounder and President

With an impressive career spanning over 20 years in the field, Lydia Bradford Otiato is an invaluable asset to the world of pediatric occupational therapy. As the co-founder and President of Children’s Therapy Innovations (CTI) Developmental Rehabilitative Services, Lydia is at the forefront of empowering individuals of all ages to reach their fullest potential.

Lydia’s journey in occupational therapy began in 1999, working with students aged 3 to 21 in local schools. Through a decade of hands-on experience, she gained invaluable insights into the unique challenges faced by children with a wide range of developmental and physical disabilities.

In 2004, Lydia’s focus shifted to early intervention after becoming a mother herself. Witnessing the incredible progress and independence of children during their early stages of development, she found a deep passion for working with these young individuals.

Driven by a vision to provide comprehensive and compassionate care, Lydia co-founded CTI in 2010. Today, the organization has grown to become a leading provider of pediatric occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and autism therapies across Indiana.

Armed with a Master of Science in occupational therapy from the University of Findlay, awarded in 2003, Lydia now serves as the Director of CTI – Indiana First Steps. Leading a team of experienced therapists, she is dedicated to empowering babies and young children to unlock their full potential.

What truly sets Lydia apart is her unwavering dedication and commitment to her patients. Her compassionate and nurturing approach, combined with her vast expertise in the field, allows her to establish strong and trusting relationships that drive real progress and positive change in the lives of her clients.

With her warm and engaging demeanor, Lydia is a true asset to the CTI team. Whether she is working directly with clients or guiding the strategic direction of the organization, her mission remains the same – to create meaningful and impactful change in the lives of the families they serve.

Overall, Lydia Bradford Otiato is a true leader in the field of occupational therapy. Her tireless work, exceptional skills, and genuine care for her patients make her one of the top occupational therapists in the region. There is no doubt that she will continue making a significant and lasting impact in the field for years to come.

N’gomo Edwin Otiato, MBA Cofounder and Vice President

Meet N’gomo Edwin Otiato, the Co-Founder and Vice President of Children’s Therapy Innovations, operating under the name of CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services.

With over a decade of expertise in the field, Mr. Otiato is a true master in developing and managing financial operations, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and leading change management initiatives. His analytical and problem-solving skills, combined with extensive knowledge of finance best practices, allow him to provide innovative solutions that drive business growth and profitability.

Mr. Otiato’s educational background is just as impressive. He holds a Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Corporate Finance from the University of Notre Dame, a Bachelor of Science in Business with a focus on Accounting, Management, and Administration from Indiana University, and an Associate of Science in General Education Studies from Ivy Tech State College.

But it doesn’t stop there. Mr. Otiato is certified as a Government Financial Manager (CGFM) and a Fraud Examiner (CFE), demonstrating his unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality services with integrity and professionalism. He is also affiliated with esteemed organizations such as the Institute of Public Accountants, the Indiana Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and the Association of Government Accountants. Plus, he’s a proud member of both the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University Alumni Associations.

Thanks to Mr. Otiato’s in-depth knowledge of financial management, operations, and compliance, CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services has thrived as a family-owned agency. He oversees strategic growth and operational management, ensures compliance with insurance and therapy service requirements, and efficiently manages billing processes for Medicare, Medicaid, and third-party insurance.

Mr. Otiato also plays a critical role in continuous education efforts and maintaining HIPAA compliance for document safety and storage. He confidently handles audits related to compliance, performance, operations, and finances, offering guidance on taxation, internal controls, audits, and process improvements.

In summary, Mr. Otiato’s extensive experience and expertise in finance make him an invaluable asset to CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services. His dedication to delivering exceptional services with professionalism has contributed to the agency’s reputation as a trusted provider of BDDS Services. Trust in Mr. Otiato and CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services for all your financial needs.

Oscar Kaunda, EMBA Executive Healthcare Manager

Oscar Kaunda is a highly accomplished Healthcare Manager and Executive Director of Children’s Therapy Innovations, which is doing business as CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services. With over six years of experience in the healthcare industry and a Bachelor of Science in Business specializing in Human Resources Management and Healthcare Management from Indiana University, South Bend, he is a knowledgeable and experienced leader. Oscar is passionate about leadership development and continuously strives to improve his skills in strategic management. He is currently enrolled in the Executive MBA program at the prestigious Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame.

As the Healthcare Manager at CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services, Oscar plays a crucial role in optimizing operations and charting the organization’s path towards a prosperous future. His proficiency in human resources management, business administration, healthcare management, and staff training and development has set an outstanding foundation for success. His talent for talent management, patient care and satisfaction, strategic planning and execution, and cross-functional collaboration has made him an exceptional leader for his team of 200+ staff members across various departments.

Oscar’s leadership has made a significant impact on the growth and success of CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services. His innovative thinking led to game-changing enhancements of the organization’s infrastructure, which revolutionized operations and paved the way for remarkable expansion. From streamlining company operations with Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Human Capital Management System (ADP Talent Management) to maximizing efficiency with virtual systems (Therap Services), Oscar’s vision and leadership style have been instrumental in the organization’s success.

His exceptional contributions have earned numerous awards and certifications, including the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS), Phi Theta Kappa, and Beta Gamma Sigma, and is a member of the Honorary Society through Indiana University, South Bend. He also received an award for outstanding academic achievement in Healthcare Management through IUSB. In addition, he is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), American College of Healthcare Executives, American Health Information Management Association, and Health Care Administrators Association. He has also completed various courses and programs, such as an Accelerated HR Management Certificate and Accelerated Leadership Certificate through SkillPath, and Foundations of Leadership Certificate from The National Society of Leadership and Success. In addition, he has been granted the Merit-based Scholarship and EMBA Fellowship from the esteemed Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame.

As a leader, Oscar takes a collaborative approach to leadership, involving all stakeholders in decision-making while ensuring that company goals are met. He firmly believes that good leadership is about empowering people and creating an environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and growth. With his wealth of knowledge, experience, and remarkable leadership skills, Oscar Kaunda is an invaluable asset to any organization.

Oscar is known for his excellent communication skills and his ability to create a strong team spirit. He regularly conducts training sessions for his team, sharing his knowledge and experience to help team members achieve their full potential. He also implements incentives, rewards, and recognition programs to improve morale and foster a positive work culture within the organization.

Oscar’s leadership has made a significant impact on patient care and satisfaction. With his dedication to excellence, he ensures that patients receive high-quality care and have positive experiences at the organization. His focus on patient-centered care ensures that all patients receive personalized care and treatment that meets their needs.

Despite his numerous accolades, Oscar remains humble and approachable. He is committed to continuously improving his leadership skills and keeping up with new developments and trends in the healthcare industry. His passion for healthcare management and his continuous drive for excellence make him an outstanding leader in the field.

Phaedra Greer, SFC Coordinator

Phaedra “Phay” Greer is a remarkable woman who was born and raised in Michigan City, Indiana. She graduated from Roger High School, where she played Varsity Basketball and Volleyball, allowing her to earn a full scholarship to Central State University (HBCU). There, she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Afterwards, she worked in the Auditing field but soon realized that it wasn’t rewarding or fulfilling enough for her. Pursuing her passion to help people in need and draw attention to worthy causes, Phay attended Indiana University-NW and received her Master of Science degree in Social Work. She then began working with individuals living with HIV/AIDS, something which became a huge part of her life after having multiple members of her family lose their lives due to complications with AIDS. She continues to dedicate herself to advocating for people with HIV/AIDS as well as those otherwise affected by disabilities and medical issues. When she’s not helping individuals in need, Phay enjoys watching sports, reading, and going on beach trips to reflect on life and talk with God.

Taylor Watts, DRS Office Coordinator

Meet Taylor Watts – the Office Coordinator/HR Assistant of the warm, trustworthy, and friendly CTI Family. Taylor is an enthusiastic South Bend native who has a passion for helping and caring for all walks of life. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, traveling, and educating herself with something new. When not spending time with her loved ones or dog, Taylor is busy studying Business Administration and Marketing at school, showing her dedication to reaching her goals. Taylor’s joining of the CTI Family in 2023 was an extremely fortunate event, and she is truly thankful for such an opportunity.

Matakala Faith Kaluwe, SFC Office Coordinator

Faith Kaluwe is an accomplished professional with a notable history of management and customer service roles, as well as a dedication to fostering community, diversity, and service. Currently working for the St. Joseph County FSSA Department of Family Resources in Indiana as Office Manager for CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services, she’s also working toward her degree in Human Services at Ivy Tech Community College which she plans to complete in 2023.

Faith finds great joy in utilizing her free time by discovering new places through travel, spending quality time with family and friends, singing her heart out, trying different foods from various cultures around the world, and watching sunsets at the beach. She has no limitations on what can be achieved when you put in the time and energy needed to attain it – this principle is instilled deep within Faith’s heart and drives her relentless enthusiasm for hard work.

Jamonia “Mona” Adams, SFC Coordinator

Jamonia “Mona” Adams is an inspiring South Bend native with a brilliant career that has spanned over two decades. She attended the esteemed Bethel University in Mishawaka, Indiana where she acquired her Bachelor of Science in Business and Organizational Management. Mona’s greatest passion in life is helping others, which radiates from her role as a heartfelt Care Manager at CTI. When Mona can find time away from work, she loves to enjoy moments of serenity reading books, listening to music, and spending tranquil times at the beach. Mona is an amazing pillar of the community with a true dedication to aiding those who need her most.

Abigail Muthusi, SFC Coordinator

Abigail Muthusi is an accomplished, dedicated healthcare professional who has been serving the South Bend community with her knowledge and expertise for more than two decades. A proud graduate of Indiana University with a bachelor’s in biology, she is currently advancing her education by studying Clinical Mental Health Counselling at Grace College. For the past ten years, Abigail has held a Structured Family Caregiving Coordinator position at CTI and takes pride in supporting families as they offer love and compassion to their beloved family members.

When taking a break from her responsibilities, Abigail loves snuggling up with her favorite books, dancing along to great music, and indulging in arts and crafts that allow her to express her creative side. Her hard-won contributions to the people of the South Bend area have made her one of its most revered assets.

Henrietta Okeke, SFC Coordinator

Henrietta Okeke is a dynamic and committed mental health counselor with a master’s degree from Indiana University South Bend. She is passionate about advocating for vulnerable populations and helping individuals discover their potential to live fulfilling lives. Henrietta is an experienced traveler, delighting in exploring cultures around the world, as well as cooking delicious meals and painting while enjoying music. She draws great inspiration from these activities – allowing her to appreciate the beauty and diversity of life and remains dedicated to empowering others on their journeys.

Nyengeterai Jane Makaruse, DRS Residential Coordinator 

Nyengeterai Jane Makaruse is a passionate, dedicated professional with a deep commitment to uplifting and empowering individuals who have varying intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. As she joined the CTI team as a Residential Coordinator in August 2023, she brings with her a master’s degree in public administration with a major in Healthcare Administration from Indiana University South Bend. Besides working hard at her job, Nyengeterai loves spending quality time with her family and friends, and enjoys various sporting events, music and reading books. Her favorite saying speaks of hope “The rainbow will always appear, no matter how long the storm lasts” – an encouraging thought that Nyengeterai strives to impart every day.

Heather Walker, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Heather Walker has been a respected staff member of CTI for over a year and a half, working diligently and joyfully as both Quality Coordinator and Residential Coordinator. She is a proud graduate of Upper Iowa University with qualifications in Behavior Sciences and Criminal Justice. Heather is a natural leader, having previously held positions as Supervisor, Substance Abuse Counselor, Training and Development Specialist, and Behavioral Health Case Manager. Her passion for providing the best care she can to clients has motivated her many times in her career: “This is somebody’s somebody – if it were my somebody, I would want them taken care of as my own, no matter the situation.” In her spare time, she loves to get outdoors with friends or family engaging in activities such as camping, off-roading, hiking and kayaking. Heather stays with CTI because it feels like family to her; their management style provides great flexibility when it comes to being creative with client cases while also fostering an environment of teamwork. But most importantly, the individuals she works with daily always remind her why she does what she does: their inspiring growth motivates her every day!

Barbara Croci, DRS Residential Coordinator

Barbara Croci is an experienced leader and Residential Coordinator at CTI – having worked for the company for the past 3 years. Her educational background (Western Michigan University) in behavior sciences with a minor in management, combined with 6 years of experience working in various roles such as public schools, retail, business administration, the Department of Children and Families, and individuals with disabilities has prepared her to manage any challenge. She lives life with a positive attitude reflected in her favorite saying “It is up to me if it is meant to be”. When she isn’t working Barbara enjoys a wide variety of activities such as acting/singing, bike riding, swimming, reading, and spending time with her 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren. Barbara has chosen to stay at CTI due to its quality standards, Christian values, and team-based approach.

Jailah Blakely, Registered Nurse

Jailah Blakely is an inspiring professional, born and raised in the state of Indiana. For the past 3.5 years, she has had a fulfilling career as a Registered Nurse – providing care to those in need with expertise and compassion. Her strong drive to help others is evidenced by her successful completion of a BSN degree at the University of Indianapolis. When she isn’t tending to patients, Jailah can be found enjoying some of her favorite hobbies including cooking, travelling, and playing with her adorable dog Ozlo! She loves being part of the CTI team as one of their passionate nurses and looks forward to making meaningful connections with those she meets along the way.

Lacrisha Darnell, Residential Coordinator

Michelle Mantiziba, Accounting

Michelle Mantiziba is an incredible accounting professional with a vast array of experience and expertise. Having served as an accountant at both Loucks & Weaver CPA and COTAXA LLC, she has built on her strong foundation of financial accounting, tax preparation and issue resolution services and currently serves as the Accounting Manager for CTI Developmental Rehabilitative Services. Not only does she possess two exceptional degrees – a master’s in business administration and a Master of Science in Accounting from Indiana University South Bend – she also shows her commitment to her local community by volunteering with the United Way of St Joseph County’s VITA program as the Elkhart and South Bend Tax Site Coordinator.

Michelle enjoys exploring museums and parks, reading literature, and watching movies in her spare time, but what truly sets her apart is her highly inquisitive mindset which continues to arm her with knowledge each day. With such unique credentials coupled with abundant enthusiasm, Ms. Mantiziba is an invaluable asset that any organization would be lucky to have!

Lilian Nhenga, RN, Wellness Nurse / Health Coordinator

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